Moneyball Application Process

Our Moneyball application process bridges our expertise in behavioural science with data science to hire fairer, faster, and better. Inspired by research on algorithmic decision making, the process is based on reducing bias and evaluating applicants fairly across key skills, abilities, and values required for the role.


Candidates who apply for the Associate position follow our five-stage Moneyball process defined below.


Application Survey

It all begins with an application survey to help us get a better starting profile of your skills and abilities.  Our clients expect us to bring PhD-level thinking, insights and methodologies to our projects - which is why we require all our candidates to hold a PhD in a behavioral science related background.

Case Study

This at-home performance assessment helps us evaluate you on a task that is essential to the work we do - applying scientific thinking to business challenges. This is the ability to (a) identify a good paper from a bad one, (b) summarize complex information and explain its relevance, and (c) design presentation slides.

Statistical Assessment

All our Associates are required to have a PhD level of statistical knowledge.  For most PhDs, this test should be simple, as we evaluate your ability to work with data, run the right statistical tests and explain your analysis.


Structured Video Interview 

We ask all our candidates the same questions with the aim of evaluating your ability to apply scientific research to a problem.  Effectively, we’re looking at all the traits that would make you good at convincing your grant committee on the next study - literature knowledge, creativity, experimental design and communication.

Icons_Job Talk.png

Lunch & Learn

We have you present a topic that you should be highly comfortable with, your PhD research, to a group of our behavioral scientists who have academic backgrounds in various social sciences. Here, our panel, who are your peers, is evaluating you across the values that drive our work, culture and purpose.


Growth and Business Positions

Our interview process varies for positions on the Growth and Business teams. However, it is always rooted in reducing bias, building valid assessments, and enabling candidates to perform at their best. This often involves a survey, a work sample and a structured interview to measure for skills and abilities relevant to the role.