Have a question regarding a career at BEworks? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below!


What makes BEworks a unique consulting firm?

BEworks approaches management consulting differently than other firms, with our overarching mission being to help leaders apply scientific thinking to their organizations’ challenges. In that respect, we help our clients by applying behavioral science techniques to diagnose the consumer mindset, develop scientifically grounded strategies and validate our recommendations through experiments and research findings.

What is the skill set you are looking for in an Associate?

A thriving BEworks Associate holds a PhD in a behavioural science-related discipline, respects and values the scientific method, and is skilled at communicating scientific findings effectively with diverse audiences. Additionally, we look for individuals who are passionate, highly collaborative and conscientious.

What does the career progression look like for an Associate at BEworks?

An Associate role at BEworks is intended to provide a long-term career for scientists who wish to apply their research to real-world challenges. After successfully moving through our three-year rotational program and demonstrating a proven track record of leading complex projects, Associates are promoted to Senior Associate. Over time, BEworks will be expanding its management requirements, so non-research roles will become increasingly available.

What internship opportunities are available at BEworks?

BEworks hires Practice team interns every summer, with the internship program beginning in May and ending in August. Our interns aren’t the coffee and donut runners. They are PhD students who have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills towards solving some of today’s most pressing business and policy challenges, such as shifting energy consumption behavior or helping financial planners measure customer risk in a more valid and reliable manner.

What is the recruitment process like?

Please refer to our How We Hire page found here to learn more about the philosophy and science of how we hire.

What non-Practice team roles are there at BEworks?

Non-Practice team roles exist on our Growth & Marketing and Business teams. We encourage scientists as well as Behavioral Economics practitioners and enthusiasts to apply for these roles, as former domain expertise is not necessarily predictive of capability to be exceptional on these teams. We look for people who bring scientific thinking, creativity and passion to these roles. To stay up to date on when positions open up, please check out our job board found here.

What is the culture like at BEworks?

Our culture at BEworks involves maintaining curiosity, collaboration and commitment to scientific standards—and having fun! As we grow, we continue to foster a sense of curiosity and are open to experimenting with what works or doesn’t work for the team. The most important part of our culture involves keeping an open line of communication and ensuring BEworks is a safe space for everyone to continue asking questions and challenging our ideas.

I would like to learn more about a position before applying; who can I speak to?

We host monthly Virtual Careers Coffee Chats that allow individuals interested in a career at BEworks to learn more about the firm and our Moneyball hiring process. During the Coffee Chat, we have an open Q&A period to answer your questions and provide you with further insight into the life of a BEer! Connect with us on LinkedIn or email us at Careers@BEworks.com to find out about the next Careers Coffee Chat!